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Hummingbird Cove RV Park Information, Rules, and Guidelines

Welcome to Hummingbird Cove! (HBC) Thank you for being our guest! We hope you enjoy your stay here, whether it be for a few nights or long term. We are primarily an age 55+ long term park, but we also accommodate seasonal workers and younger guests when possible.  Please review the following information to make your stay here more enjoyable. These rules and regulations are put in place for the safety and protection of all our guests. Violation of any of these rules by any person is grounds for expulsion from the park and possible legal or law enforcement actions.  Please feel free to contact any of us if you have further questions or if we can help you in any way.

 Mail - All sites have a mailbox assigned to them in the mailroom. After the mail is delivered and sorted, we will put up the flag outside the Rec Hall. FedEx and UPS can deliver to your site or leave packages at the office for you.    Your mailing address is:

                                                               Your Name, 32637 FM 2925, Lot#____, Rio Hondo, TX 78583

WiFi - Free basic WiFi service is available during your stay here. Our service is a wireless signal that is distributed throughout the park by several booster towers. Due to our rural location, we have limited capacity available. This is a basic service only. No downloading or streaming of movies, TV shows, YouTube, Netflix, etc. You may connect to any of the servers that appear on your wireless connection, i.e, HBAP3v2, HBAP16v2, 14, 13 or 11. The password for the wireless is:  gonefishin16  Service is very limited during our busy winter season. Other providers in the area can provide you private internet service if this is important to you.
RV’s, Trailers, Mobile Homes – All units coming into sites at HBC must meet certain age and condition requirements.  All units must have self-contained sewer systems (black and grey water tanks) unless they are a permanently installed mobile home or park model.  No “home-made” units of any type are allowed in the park. No tent camping is allowed. Units staying for less than 6 months must be less than 20 years old, units staying for longer than 6 months must be less than 15 years old. Exceptions may be made for units that are of exceptional condition and appearance and for those units that are already on site at the park. Please contact mgt if you have questions about a particular unit. 

Gates and Security – HBC is a fenced, secure park. Gates are kept closed most of the time. During the winter season, we keep the front and back gate open during daylight hours. The front and middle gates open and close automatically, please enter or exit carefully if using these gates. There is a pole mounted opener inside the front gate for pedestrians and bicyclists. The current gate code for the front gate is xxxx. This code is subject to change at any time. Please do not give this code out to others. If you have visitors, please meet them at the front gate and escort them to your site.
Park Hours – Office hours are 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.  Saturday and Sunday are by appointment only. Please call us at the number above if you need help outside this time. Park quiet hours are 10:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.  Please be respectful of your neighbors and other residents.

Site Appearance/Cleanliness – You are responsible for keeping your site clean and orderly. Please keep your personal property stored out of the maintenance crew’s way so they can mow, trim, and water as needed. The only appliance allowed outside of your RV is an apartment sized refrigerator or freezer. Keep your hose, cords and sewer lines as neat as possible. All trash must be taken to the park dumpsters located beside the rec hall. Leftover building supplies must be hauled away to local landfill by renter. No wood fires/fire rings, clotheslines, automotive/boat repair or excessive noise/music allowed on sites. Propane grills and fire rings are acceptable.
Pets - Pets (dogs and cats) are a very important part of many of our lives. Your small and medium-sized pets are welcome here at HBC as long as our basic rules are followed. (Maximum of 2/site) Pets must be on leash and under your complete control at all times. An off-leash area is provided for you and your pet’s use. All pet poop must be picked up and disposed of immediately.  Pets are not allowed in the Rec Hall, Clubhouse, or Office. Pets must not be left unattended for extended periods of time. Excessive noise, barking, or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Please control your pets, failure to do so could lead to eviction.
Guests – Your guests are welcome here at HBC. Please notify the office when you have guests here at the park.  They are expected to follow all park rules and you are responsible for their behavior while they are here. No resident may have more than 4 guests at a time without prior HBC approval. No guests may stay over 7 days without paying an additional fee.  All guests must be accompanied by the resident when at the docks, boat ramp, rec hall, or clubhouse.  Guests may not use the boat ramp or docks for their own boat use without prior HBC approval and paying a $15/day usage fee.
Facilities – We strive to offer the best facilities possible for your use while you are our guests. We invest a lot of time and money in the grounds, buildings, boat docks, etc. to keep them clean and usable. All facilities and public areas of HBC are non-smoking areas. This includes cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigs or vaping.  Please help us by respecting our property and the property of others at all times. Pick up after yourselves and your pets and guests. Let us know if you see something that needs cleaned or repaired. Please put things away when you are done using them and shut off all lights and tv’s when you leave a building. Do not touch any thermostats or heating/cooling controls. They are set by mgt for maximum heating/cooling efficiency.  Please help us control energy usage and costs.
Trash Dumpsters – are located next to the Rec Hall. They are for household trash only. No dumping of furniture, chemicals, oils, appliances, TVs, or paint. Please break down all cardboard boxes. Pet dropping should be put in a bag or closed container. Limbs, branches and trimmings go to the slash pile by the Fishing Lodge.

Sites – Please do not drive through empty lots with carts or vehicles. Any physical changes to a site (plantings, landscaping, pads, storage, etc.) must be pre-approved by HBC. Do not tamper with or overload the electrical system. Damage to any sites or facilities will be charged to the responsible party.
Laundry Areas – Card operated washers and dryers are available for your use at both the rec hall and clubhouse. These are provided by a third party vendor, CoinMach.  HBC is not responsible for any losses associated with these machines, use at your own risk. Please clean all lint filters before and after use. Do not wash or dry pet bedding in these machines. Machines use a prepaid card for operation, see laundry room or office for details.

 Waterfront Area is provided for the personal use of residents and guests only. Please help us monitor this area. No swimming at the dock or boat ramp area. Children age 12 and under must wear a life jacket while on the docks. Do not touch other people’s boats, tackle, crab traps etc. without their permission. Boat slips are on a first come/first use basis. Fishing and bait casting are allowed on the docks, keep the area picked up and clean. Shut off the pier lights when you are done. There are water hoses for your use on the docks and ramp. Please get in and out of the boat ramp area as quickly as possible.

Water – Water at your site is for household use only.  RV’s may be washed once per season on site by you or approved vendor. Personal vehicles may be rinsed off once a month, please refrain from using harsh soaps or chemicals on site. All boat and trailer washing/flushing is to be done at the boat ramp only, not on personal sites. No use of pressure washers is allowed on sites at any time.  Hand water plants and trees, HBC will water grass. Drought conditions and instructions will be posted as needed. Excessive use of water (washing, watering, ice machines, etc) may result in additional charges to your account

Vehicles - All vehicles, boats, carts, trailers, etc. are to be parked on your site. Separate areas and rates are available for other storage needs. Golf carts and ATV’s/UTV’s may be used, they must stay on the roads.  All motorized vehicles must obey the park 10 mph speed limit at all times.  You are responsible for keeping your vehicles/RV’s registered, protected, and insured. High winds and torrential rains can happen at any time, prepare accordingly. HBC is not responsible for any damage to your vehicles or personal property.
Rent - Rent is due when you check in. All guests must read and sign the park rental agreement upon check in. Pre-paid rents are non-refundable and non-transferable. Reservation deposits are refundable minus a $25 service charge with 30 day notice. Electric meters are read at the end of the month. Bills will be put in your mailbox around the 1st of the month. If you need to check in or out on weekends or when the office is closed, please let us know ahead of time or call us at 956-245-1544.  Rent rates and electric rates are subject to change at any time. Any unpaid rent, electricity, damage or other charges will be charged to your credit card on file if you leave without notice.

Ice is available at the Rec Hall for $2.00/bag, self service. Please use ice register sheet.

Propane – Propane companies service the park during the winter season. Watch the bulletin board or check with the office for details. It is also available at Rio Hondo Lumber across from Stipes in Rio Hondo.
Activity Calendars – are available during the winter season. Watch the bulletin boards and doors for calendars, notices, sign-up sheets, etc.
TV – Local “over the air” TV Channels can be accessed free of charge with your normal RV TV antenna or other after-market antennas.  Most of these are digital channels and will require a digital TV or converter. Listed below are the basic channels and networks, many more may be available depending on your antenna.  Set your TV or converter to do a channel search to view all available channels.

2-2 Fox SD                24-1 CBS-KGBT       5-1 ABC-KGRV         5-2 This TV Classic Movies

23-1 NBC-KVEO      38-1 PBS-KMBH    38-3 Religious             5-3 Me TV Classic TV

44-1 Religious          44-3 Animal Channel   48-4 CW Network    5-4 Local Weather

Again, thanks for being our guest. Please let us know if you have any other questions or if we can assist you in any way. We hope you enjoy Hummingbird Cove as much as we do. It is our home, and we are happy to share it with you!

God Bless,

HBC Management and Owners